Evaluation Of A Interactive Planning Essay

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Interactive Planning
This project considers “See-Through Glass Company” and applies the approach of Idealized Design (Ackhoff, 2001) to offer a potential redesign strategy.

Interactive Planning is a process that creates toward a future based upon belief that the organization’s futility depends on the implementation of change strategy.

Idealization and Realization
The two phases of interactive planning
Includes six phases that sequentially evaluate status and formulate opportunity for action
Ackhoff’s 6 Phases
1) Formulating the Mess
2) Ends Planning
3) Means Planning
4) Resource Planning
5) Design of Implementation
6) Design of Controls


Every organization faces opportunities for growth and threats from outside forces to their operational system. Ackhoff (2001) calls this ‘the mess’. The goal of a situational analysis is to identify the direction the organization is headed, if it should continue on the current path or adapt to changing environment. Ultimately this evaluation would determine a planning process but to be complete would need to include:
a. A full systems analysis, detailing how the system currently operates;
b. An obstruction analysis, identifying the characteristics of the organization that obstruct its progress;
c. Reference projections of the organization 's future assuming there is no change in its current plans, policies, programs, etc., and the future environment it expects; and
d. A reference scenario…

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