Essay about Evaluation Of A Complaint By Erica Hunt

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Summary This role play was on November 9th, 2016 at 11:45am and Evan and I were dispatched to 123 Main street in regard to a complaint by Erica Hunt about a man, Jeff, who was hired to clean her apartment. Erica was not happy with Jeff’s cleaning job, as well as, he took a pizza and a beer. From Erica’s perspective she was very upset, and yelling at Jeff, about how she did not want to pay for his cleaning job, and wanted him out of her house. From Jeff’s perspective, he wanted to get paid and would not leave until he was paid. Unfortunately, neither Evan or I received Jeff’s last name, and did not do a CPIC check.
Preparation and Action In preparation for this scenario, Evan and I discussed who would do the greeting, and who would take who in the scenario. Evan preferred to work with the male if there was a female and male, which in this scenario it was. I found that it was hard to prepare for the scenario because you do not know what to expect, but to talked about who would do the greeting, and placement within the house, what kind of questions to ask dispatch, and building each others confidence as we waited in the hallway. I also tried to go over the five step hard style, and verbal judo. At the beginning of the scenario I waited in the staircase, and let Evan handle the greeting. She opened the door and thanked the police for coming, we waited outside because we were not sure if we were given consent. Erica gave us voluntarily consent to enter her building. Once we…

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