Evaluation Critique : After School All Stars Program Essay

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Evaluation Critique 1: After-School All Stars Program: Summative Evaluation
After School All Stars was founded in 1992 by Arnold Schwarzenegger, “ASAS provides year-round school based comprehensive after school programs (Jones & Polonsky 2008). After-School All Stars provides school-based after school programming to over 70,000 public school students in 13 cities. ASAS schools offer a minimum of one enrichment activity from every domain for a total of at least eight hours of programming each week for a minimum of 20 weeks during the course of the academic year (Jones & Polonsky 2008). Along with eight hours a week of regular ASAS program, ASAS offers eight “Elite” ASAS schools that offer 15 hours of more intensive programing.
The evaluation was conducted with in the Chicago Public School chapter of ASAS in 2007. ASAS in Chicago Public Schools began in 2002 and has grown from 24 schools served to 188 in 2007. CPS provides programming through ASAS for students from Kindergarten through 8th grade. Programming for CPS is based on three domains: Academics, Recreation, and independent learning. ASAS in Chicago uses the same system of programming to determine hours each week focused on each domain. Chicago’s Public School ASAS “Elite” offers a minimum of 11 hours of enrichment programming a week. ASAS provided programming to over 27,000 participants in 2007.
The Evaluation on ASAS was conducted by Curtis J.Jones Ph.D. (Senior Research Analyst) and Mandee Polonsky…

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