Evaluating a Hiring and Variable Pay Plan Essay

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Evaluating a Hiring and Variable Pay Plan

Include a brief summary of the situation.
Effective Management Solutions (EMS) a small management consulting company divided into four areas: management systems, business process improvement, human resources, and quality improvement that are rapidly growing. The growth has expanded so quickly that, EMS has developed and is planning to execute an aggressive revenue growth plan. The goal is to obtain a 25% revenue increase each year for the next five years, in each of the four departments. A main element of this plan is growth in the staff. The reason for this is that the majority of the entry level associates are currently working at the maximum load of hours and clients.
To accomplish this
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Suggest what issues and problems the HVP plan will create for Human Resources and for the hiring manager.
The HVP plan will present several problems and challenges for Human Resources personnel and the hiring mangers. Some of those problems include re-training/ lack of knowledge to explain the program to new and current employees, lack of resources required to implement this new complex pay schedule and meet the new strategic hiring goals, the burden of developing a consistent way for the hiring manger to evaluate hot skills premiums as well as salaries. And whose responsibility it is to update and maintain employees pay plans preferences and lastly human resources receive and resolve complaints for plan participants who chose the high risk path. Human Resources personnel would need be re-trained, given appropriate tools or significantly revamped to handle such a substantial policy change. The may been seen as owners or experts of the new process. In addition a new method will have to be found to input, track, change, and calculate bonuses and weekly pay checks. This could include hiring additional staff, buying or over hauling existing software or out sourcing the process completely. The hiring may have issues determining what hot skills the company is looking for and which new hires possess them. Further more additional staff will be required to screen applicants, interview candidates, conduct background checks, completely develop or revamp

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