Evaluating Tests Such As The Sat, An Influential Factor When Determining Student Success

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Standardize tests such as the SAT, have been an influential factor when determining student success. These tests are used to assess a student’s capability and proficiency in various subjects as a baseline. English however, is a complex topic there is not a simple clear cut answer for a question. There is no right or wrong answer in literature and this generates a broad variety of responses, therefore, rubrics are used to make grading more efficient. To help students pass this exam teacher formulates a strategy to guide the writing process of a student. Dennis Baron an English professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign challenges the methods of the SAT assessment and criticizes the use of formulaic writing.
In The College Board 's New Essay Reverses Decades of Progress Toward Literacy Baron discusses the dangers of the new SAT for the state of literature. One problem he highlights is “together with the time constraint of 25 minutes for planning and execution all but guaranteed a response that was both formulaic and unreflective” (Baron 1). This timed “surprised topic” essay becomes an unachievable goal that forces the students to rely on a heavily structured writing strategy accomplish the task within the allotted twenty-five minutes. For my essay I had no time to reflect on my writing, all I could do was simply use the five paragraph essay taught in class and plug in information as if I was solving an equation. Even with this five paragraphed essay…

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