Euthanasia, Passive, And Active Euthanasia Essay

1108 Words Dec 4th, 2016 5 Pages
There are many forms of Euthanasia which include; newborns with severe birth defects, people with painful disorders but are not dying, and adults who are in their final stages of a terminal illness. There is also passive and active euthanasia, passive euthanasia is when a patient stops taking lifesaving medications which would eventually cause them to die. Active euthanasia is when you are actually terminating a person’s life. I will be focusing on active euthanasia for adults who are in their final stages of their terminal illness and why it is moral for physicians to assist patients in ending their life. There are many arguments for euthanasia that include: a patient’s rights, the religious side of the argument, a doctor’s oath to his patients and the limitations for active euthanasia. We as human beings have a right to make choices that will ultimately only affect us. While some people say that we don’t have a legal right to die, people do still have a human right to end their life if they are suffering. Even if there isn’t a single person who would choose to end their life, that option should always be available. Not one who is not terminally ill knows what those people are suffering, we can’t know the pain that they are constantly feeling. And if that pain is severe enough that they would want to take their own life than we should let them. Physicians always do everything in their power to help terminally ill patients, but they reach a point where there isn’t much…

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