Argumentative Speech On Euthanasia

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Argumentative speech: Euthanasia
Zanele Nxamagele

Good morning Dr Coser and classmates. Before I begin my formal discussion, I would like to ask you all a question: why should the terminally ill have to go through unbearable pain or the ICU patients be stuck with a machine doing their breathing for them? Why should the very sick elderly with diseases like Alzheimer’s and Schizophrenia be dumped in medical centres and old age homes away from their families? Everyone should have the option to choose between life and death, and that’s why I’m supporting the legalization of euthanasia.
Euthanasia is the deliberate termination of someone else’s life. There are four different; I guess
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He was told he only had a few more weeks left to live. He used medical marijuana (which is also illegal) to alleviate some of his pain. He approached the Supreme High Court in Pretoria, along with DignitySA, …, to grant him and his physician permission to terminate his life. The Judge denied his court order, to which it was appealed. It was debated about for a while but Stransham-Ford sadly died on the morning of 30th April 2015, a mere two hours before his court order was to be granted.
This story should motivate us to attempt to change this law to allow people to leave in piece with their dignity intact.
Like any other thing, there are positive as well as negative aspects regarding euthanasia. I believe if you have a terminal illness, death is basically inevitable so why prolong the pain and suffering? So since I’m all for the legalization of it, I’ll start by talking about the pros.
Pain reliever: with illness comes pain. So if you’re in pain even after taking pain medication, and it’s still unbearable, death starts looking like a good option. Having the choice between waiting it out or just ending your prolonged suffering wouldn’t be such a bad

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