Should Euthanasia Be Legalized Essay

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Euthanasia, also known as death with honor or dignity is used to help patients who are suffering from a disease that cannot be cured. When doctors see no hope of cure in a patient’s health, the treatment becomes too painful euthanasia helps, in euthanasia doctors can drug the patient suffering with lethal and put them to sleep.. It is every human’s natural right to decide whether they wish to live or die, especially in the situation where there is no hope for cure. Legalizing Euthanasia can put an end to miserable sufferings of patients in need. It is a way to reduce further treatments that do not guarantee cure and rather cause more pain to the patient. Patients suffering from incurable disease have no hope of surviving. The patient clearly …show more content…
If death is destined due to sickness, then the patient should be able to decide whether they want a peaceful death or a painful death. Patients who are suffering from an incurable disease, or any kind of disability do not deserve to suffer and legalizing euthanasia can help cure their suffering since not many want to live after a period of time when the patient and the doctor knows that it is too late and nothing further can be done to improve the patient’s condition, or relieve their pain. She could not end her life on her own terms, so instead she suffered: a crippling stroke; massive blood loss after an angiogram; dialysis; constant hospitalization; and mistreatment by staff. Month after month, she sank further into despair (Hayes). This excerpt is from an article where its author Mathew Hayes describes the condition and suffering that his grandmother had to go through before she reached the end of it. As it is described in the article, it was very hard for his grandmother to go through pain and treatments that brought more pain. Finally when her illness reached its max her body shut down before she could even say her last good bye to the family and friends. Now it would have been much different if euthanasia was legalized in the United States, Hayes grandmother could have had some happy days before she can peacefully let go of her

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