Argument Against Euthanasia

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For instance, Abrupt death such as being stabbed in a robbery or being killed in a traffic accident gives us a chance to think about life or death. In other words, in those cases, we have no choice to decide our fate. However, the dying process due to a terminal illness is different from those cases. Such a situation will make our thoughts more chilled, so we will become completely level - headed persons. No one will decide death instantaneously. It is not a slippery slope. Whether the decision is death or not, the decision should be respected. Euthanasia can give such an opportunity that can affect the dying process. Patients with a terminal illness should have the opportunity to make the difficult decision for their fate or future. People should be allowed …show more content…
In the Hippocratic Oath, although the giving of deadly medicine to anyone who asks is prohibited, the role of a physician is to provide the best treatment for the patient. Therefore, in some cases, hastening death will be the best treatment (Citation). They also claim euthanasia is opposite to the laws of humanity, but they are neglecting the laws of nature, which were established long before mankind. Protecting from death or prolonging our lives is against nature. It is the act of breaking the balance of nature (Source log 11-Citation). From the case like this, how can we insist on the laws of humanity? Besides, the choice of euthanasia is strictly a personal affair. Voluntary euthanasia is a patient - driven action. The patients request a physician’s assistance to relieve their pain. If a patient wants to die because of severe pain and is assisted, suicide is committed. Is that brutal or unethical act? If not so, ignoring the earnest request and letting the patient suffer is ethical? In such a situation, allowing a patient to die may be more ethical than stopping their death

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