Essay On Physician Assisted Suicide

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Physician assisted suicides are perceived as inhumane by the perception of some; however, these tactics are wanted by the governing body of the terminally ill and sufferers of intense pain. Patients receiving terminal care are typically uncomfortable and very fatigued. There isn’t, for the most part, a break in agony. Physician assisted suicide should be legalized because it gives terminally ill patients a chance to say their goodbyes and pass with dignity, protects both doctors and dying patients, and improves their quality of life. hi no we hi no he hi n
For terminally ill patients, their only hope is to minimize the negative effects of symptoms from their life ending diseases. For these terminally ill patients, treatment is not to find a cure, but to make the patient as comfortable as possible. This is where physician assisted suicide plays a role in the life cycle. If a terminally ill patient is given less than six months to live, they should be able to choose how they die. It gives the patient time to think about the life choices they have made, and it also
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Patient care focuses on the comfortability of the patient receiving care. When a person is reaching the end of their life, the main goal is to make sure his or her quality of life exceeds expectations. Physician assisted suicide could aid in reaching the maximum quality by ending one’s life before major symptoms begin to occur. Not only that, but it could help the patient pass with peace. If they are willing too, they could use this time make arrangements for their funeral, they could be at ease with how they leave their family, and they could reach the highest level of comfort their body allows. The quality of life is very important to medical professionals and even more important to the patient receiving the care. There are many ways in which physician assisted suicide could help maintain a patient’s quality of

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