Euthanasi The Most Common Argument Essay

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Euthanasia is one of the most common argument in our society. Euthanasia, the act to end one’s life painlessly who is suffering from incurable or painful disease. However, Euthanasia is illegal in many countries because many people refer it as assisted suicide. Euthanasia can be referred as painless and happy death without going through suffering. According to Wikipedia, Euthanasia was first used in medical context by Francis Bacon. Nevertheless, I supported Euthanasia because every patient has their own rights and decisions. Second, I believe everyone is afraid of death, but why would they still choose Euthanasia? The answer is because torture and suffering is more terrifying than death. Lastly, when a patient doesn’t have any chance of surviving and suffer from pain, there should be an option to relieve them from suffering.

Let’s say my relative is suffering from cancer and he must be treated with chemotherapy for the rest of his life; as his family I would oppose Euthanasia because I believe there’s still a chance of surviving. However, by standing on his point of view, my decision would change. If someone said they’re not afraid of death, they’re lying; but what’s more fearful? It’s suffering. If the patient chose Euthanasia, it’s not because he’s impulse, instead he thinks it’s a relief from suffering. According to, about 55% percent of terminally ill patient die from pain, that’s more than half of the population who suffered from pain…

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