Eurodisney Essay

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Jacob Skinner
Case 2-1: Disney
1. Factors that contributed to EuroDisney's poor performance during its first year of operation: * French visitor's stayed away. They were expected to make up 50% of attendance figures. "The French see EuroDisney as American imperialism-plastics at its worst." The case mentions that French culture has "its own loveable cartoon characters" one of which (Asterix) has a theme park located near EuroDisney. Initial advertising of the park also aggravated the local populous, many of them felt that Disney was emphasizing glitz and size rather than the amenities they offered. * Initial construction of the park also facilitated the financial burden of Disney. Expensive trams were built to take
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* Early advertising of HKD featured a family consisting of two kids and two parents, this posed a problem because China's government limits most couples to just one child. 2. To what degree were these factors (A) foreseeable and (B) controllable (I based these on a scale of 1-5; 1 being the lowest 5 being the highest): * Being viewed as an Imperialist (A)=4 and (B)=3. It is common knowledge that many Europeans feel this way about Americans in general. Therefore I think it should have been fairly foreseeable that an American based company would be exposed to these views initially. I also think that it could have possibly been controlled better by observing the other amusement parks in Europe and seeing what was successful. However, overcoming that initial vibe would be difficult regardless. * As far as initial construction I feel that (A)=5 and (B)=5. This aspect of the park was most definitely foreseeable and controllable. Conducting focus groups, or observing the local people in their natural environment would have allowed Disney to see that many Europeans prefer to walk. * While the Olympics are scheduled years in advance, the economic impact, and external factors would be hard to predict. In my opinion, in that instance I would say (A)=2 and (B)=1 * In regards to the size of HKD, (A)=4 and (B)=5. With more market research it would have been very possible to see that the Chinese people were

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