Ethics Resource Center ( Erc ) Essay

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Ethics According to Millage (2012), the Ethics Resource Center (ERC) reported that ethical behavior of organizations can increase workplace integrity and reinforce the workers’ loyalty towards their organizations. The lack of ethics among leaders and co-workers leads to lower productivity and low morale. Millage states that according to the ERC, organizations that have weak ethical cultures show that 15% of employees are engaged, and within organizations with strong ethical cultures, 99% are engaged and are vested in making these organizations successful. Huang, (2012) believes that ethical behavior is based on the integrity of an organization’s leadership and is a predictor of strong empowerment behavior among employees that leads to increased morale and job satisfaction.

Individual Factors Individual factors are also vital to incentivizing employees, especially during times when job security is uncertain. Over two and a half million jobs were lost in 2008 due to downsizing and layoffs, and surveys indicate that it takes at least six months to secure new employment, hence the reason why employees seek companies that empower their workforce (Jawahar2012). Empowerment along with recognition and rewards and career support and growth opportunities are respective of the individual employee. These incentives are based on employee participation and involvement in response to organizational benefits. The common denominator is that the…

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