Essay about Ethics- Is Polygamy Ethical?

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Is Polygamy Morally Ethical?

Group 1:
Brittney Brown, Kasandra Foster, Kelsay Helm, and Alicia Grant
PHI 105 Online
Professor Pitre
April 22, 2012

Introduction Polygamy is a highly debated topic among many people across the world and largely misunderstood. Polygamy is commonly defined as a marital system in which one man is married concurrently to more than one woman. The word “polygamy” actually translates from the Greek language to mean, “often married.” The correct term for a man with multiple wives is called, “polygyny.” Over the years, the terms have been intertwined, and now polygamy is synonymously known for a man married to multiple wives.[1] This lifestyle is a multicultural
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In a polygamous household one woman is not carrying all the burden of the family’s procreation and this is a big relief. Along with that, in most communities in Africa the woman is considered responsible for the sex of the children. If she is not producing children of the 'right' sex she can be returned to her family. This not only brings disgrace, but also unwelcome financial burden to the family whom would have to repay the bride price.

Another way in which African men accumulate wives is through inheritance. If a man’s brother is to die, he would take over that brother’s family, including his wives. The women would be distributed among the remaining brothers based on both the woman and the man’s preferences. This can be very beneficial to the widowed woman should she have children that she needs help feeding and caring for. It is also common for a man to take his father's youngest bride should he pass, or a father to take the wife of a son upon death. The idea behind this is that it keeps the extended family together and guarantees that the children of the family are raised within the father’s family. In this sense it is logical to have polygamous marriages since it protects the family in the event of a tragic death. All of the research supports that polygamy works for African families.

In today's society we are lacking support systems. We have social media sites which have slowly

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