Ethics Is A Moral Rule Essay

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Term paper Plagiarism Ethics is a moral rule which goes along with people’s behavior, these morals are helped by cultural practices, and social norms. It makes us understand and differentiate between good and bad and the way our obligations are fulfilled in the society. Plagiarism is the act of making other people’s idea as one’s own without giving proper credit through citation to respect the persons work (Ruggiero, 2011, pg. 19). Based on ethical violation and student can be punished by a failing from the instructor or expelled from the school if repeated more than three times (Ruggiero, 2011, pg. 24). Plagiarism can be a known dishonesty or it may due to carelessness of the individual by not carefully using their own terms and words when trying to use other materials. By buying papers or even customizing one for the purpose of class fulfillment from an industry or group of people who may call themselves a tutor or online assistance, to me it is an intentional plagiarism and student should receive no credit for such work and be punished further in regards to the school or course policy.
Using the Three Primary of Ethics With the topics discussed in the lectures this week, the three primary schools of ethics are Deontological theories are rules-based, Consequentialist theories are ends-based, a Care-Based theories. Two of the primary schools of ethics which are the Deontological theories are rules-based, Consequentialist theories are ends-based are related to the…

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