Critique Of Louis Pojman's Theory Of Ethical Relativism

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This paper will attempt to analyze the theory of ethical relativism, check the validity of this ethical theory. And evaluate its ethical concepts and it’s competences as an ethical principle to adhere to. Then evaluate Louis Pojman critique on ethical relativism and analyze does he successfully refuted relativism position. And analyze objectivism; the ethical theory which Pojman erects in the place of ethical relativism. And evaluate objectivism, check the validity of this ethical theory and review if it is a competence moral principle to live by. . But before begin we must note what are some of the must agree upon traits of an ethical principle. So we may evaluate each ethical principle being presented in this essay. The first is Prescriptivity; this trait is the ability to guide actions, nature of morality, this trait is used to assign appraise and blame, these are used to provide feelings contentment and guilt. The next is universalizability: moral principles must apply to all people who are in a relevantly similar situations. The next is overridingness: this is trait that holds that a moral principle …show more content…
Pojman set out to proof that there exist at least one universal ethical principle that applied to everyone, human nature is in fact universal. And the fact human beings do in fact act to the means that are goal orientated and it is even more evident that poses an instinctual means to want to survive. This is bluntly clear when we look at situations of attempted or committed suicide. The human body instinctually fights for survival. Pojman provides an ethical principle, whose very bases is built own the advancement and survival of humans. Of all the ethical principles that has been review in this essay, Louis P. Pojman’s objectivism is clearly the better of three, it provides as bases to which we can assign appraisal to behavior and also be able to assign praise and blame and provide a competent medium to produce feelings of gratification and

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