Ethical Analysis Of John Rawls

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Ethical theories together with the principles are referred as the foundation of the ethical analysis as they determine the guidance of the decision making. Every theory emphasizes on different points for example predicting results as well as following up one 's responsibility to others to make an ethical decision.
It consist providing rights to an individual or set of right by the society and is protected and highly prioritized. Rights are referred as ethically correct.
Virtue is very different when compared to the other ethnic theories as it concentrates on an individual 's feature and not importantly person 's behavior. When looking at unethical status, the virtue theory focuses on the individuals ' reputation as well as
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Rawls and the ethical theories
The original position is a core quality of John Rawls 's social enforce role of justice that is justice considered to fairness. There is a plan of a fair as well as unbiased point of focus which is to be related to the argument of principles of fundamental principles justice. Focusing on this view, it 's better to consider an individual in the free stand together with similar people who collectively agree on as well as compromise themselves to social principles together with the justice in political (Rawls & Grcic, 2011). The differentiating factor of the initial stand is the veil of
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He cheated his investors, his employees, and even his family into believing that he was conducting successful legitimate and legal securities transactions (Idowu & Capaldi, 2013). From the moral view, this would be an example of white collar crime. The offense develops victims by establishing trust as well as respectability. The victims in this incidence believe the clients who found there were a lot of checks and balances that certified the investment operations as legitimate (Pollard 2012). Madoff was educated and experienced personnel in a position of trust, power, respectability as well as responsibility who lost his trust for personal gains. The big question that triggers in mind is why that one person deceived many individuals. The family members were to be held responsible for the awareness of the operations. It relates to the ethical of justice where the cheated should be done justice and their money returned (Yu, Tao, & Ivanhoe, 2010). On the other hand, it refers to the ethic of Aristotle is that the activity of the Madoff is not moral but immoral. The relation between the two on the thus case is that they both correct the unethical situation and give a definition on the ethic. The control as well as compliance standards are enhanced by the

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