Ethical Issues In Health Care Reform

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Health care reform is the general term used to refer to health policy initiatives to effect

significant changes in how health care is accessed, delivered and paid for the United States”

(Cherry & Jacob, 2014). One of the ethical issues that health care is facing is the equal access to

care. According to Waymack health care is viewed as a moral right regardless of the person’s

insufficient economic resources to pay for such care (Ethical Issues in Health Care Reform). The

reality is that many Americans are denied health care every day because of the inability to pay.

Often even the Americans that have insurance are not getting the care they deserve because of

insurance refusal to pay.

Ethical Framework

This paper will discuss
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Some people believe that equal opportunity health care would have a positive effect on society

since people are more welling to contribute to society if in good health.

ANA Code of Ethics

“Nursing ethics is a system of principles concerning the actions of the nurse in his or her

relationship with patients, patients’ family members, other health care providers, policymakers,

and society as a whole” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014). The American Nursing Association has a code of ethics for nurses. “The nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient, whether an individual,

family, group, or community” (Cherry & Jacob, 2014). This statement confirms that as nurses we

have an ethical duty to advocate for our patients even the patients that can’t afford health care.

Often those patient’s without insurance and can’t afford health care don’t speak up for

themselves, so as nurses that is a part of our ethical duty. Overall, if nursing doesn’t advocate

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