The Three Ethical Issues Of The Affordable Care Act

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The Affordable Care Act was a reform set by Barack Obama. This act was created in order to help individuals take care of themselves by improving the access to health care services. This act was meant to help reduce premium cost for many working families by being able to provide families with billions of dollars in tax relief. Another thing that the act reduces is the number of cash expenses that families used to have to pay from out of pocket expenses. The Affordable Care Act requires hospitals and medical facilities to give patients health care services with full coverage so that people will not have any out of pocket expenses. Also, the Affordable Care Act changed the lives of many people because more individuals started having access to …show more content…
Also, more ethical issues that the Affordable Care Act faces are moral foundations, cost containment, access to care, public health, and more. The Affordable Care Act’s main focus is to protect and improve the health of the majority of the population, this is why the act was created. The act was created so that more people could have the opportunity of having health care access that they did not have before. So, the three ethical issues the Affordable Care Act faces only exist so that this act can keep improving and not deteriorate in its function. Access to care is one ethical issue faced by the ACA and it is resolved because the access to health care services is granted if the individual is covered under an insurance. Another ethical issue is considered to be the public’s health and this issue can be solved because if individuals have access to health care services, then the health of many individuals will be improved. Last but not least, another ethical issue that the ACA faces is considered to be a moral ethic because the act must make sure that trained health care professionals are hired in order to not put at risk the health of individuals (Tushnet, …show more content…
Many Americans who already had coverage before the act was established did not have to change their insurance. The act did not force anyone to change the insurance coverage they had, so people had the freedom the needed when it came to choosing what to do with their insurance plan. As for the individuals without insurance coverage when the act was created, they had to choose an insurance coverage that would best work for them. The main factor that changed from those people covered under insurance coverage was that their insurance offered new plans with better benefits in services. The existing insurances highly benefited because the demand for health insurance coverage increased, so in order to attract more customers’ better plans were created by existing insurances. The difference between the individuals whom were covered with insurance versus those who weren’t was that the uninsured individuals had to choose an insurance coverage in a competitive market that did not exist before. People had to use the same competitive insurance that almost every member of the congress was required to use as their insurance (Riggin,

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