Ethical Steps For Complete The Dissertation Manuscript Process

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Ethical Steps to Complete the Dissertation Manuscript Process
It is essential that researchers follow ethical standards when conducting any type of research. Therefore, the goal of the researchers should be to protect the research participants, protect the intellectual property rights, and to ensure the accuracy of scientific knowledge (DeVaney, 2014). Overall, researchers are expected to use the highest levels of integrity when conducting or reporting research (Horner & Minifie, 2011). The purpose of this paper is to discuss how all aspects of the doctoral research process will be completed to meet the ethical standards of scientific research.
Literature Review
The research article written by DeVaney (2010) is a review of the responsible conduct in order, to conduct and/or publish research. Therefore, the data collection instrument used was observation and/or personal experience since the author was providing the proper steps to complete. Furthermore, there are no research participants since this article is not an actual study. In addition, the author provided a guide and suggestions on what researchers should complete in order, to conduct and publish research responsibly. Overall, it seems that the author provided valuable steps to conduct ethical research.
The article written by Gelling (2016) purpose was to provide some of the main issues when applying for ethical approval to conduct research. The article is a review of ethics, risk assessment,…

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