Essay on Ethical Issues Reflection

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Ethical Issue: Reflection
Tony Gordon

From an Individual Learning Perspective, What were some of your Learning Outcomes? Throughout the course I have been introduce to ethical issues I have never considered and/ or thought of in the IT field. I think the first two weeks of the course were the most enlightening for me. Reading and trying to understand the many different philosophies for why humans are the way they are. I believe this is the area where I had the largest learning outcomes. I also, learned that all ethical issues have to be taken seriously no matter how minor they may seem. One overlooked ethical issue can become a nightmare for a business, and could lead that business to bankruptcy.
How has this Learning
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My newly acquired understanding will also help me not break my own ethical code or that of an IT professional.
How might what you have learned in this course influence your career? What I have learned in this course will influence my career choices greatly, with picking and company to work for, and how I conduct myself in the IT profession. I will have to take into consideration what the company stands for and if I think I can work for a company under the ethical guidelines they have put into place within their company. I will have a better understanding of how to treat and ethical IT issue when one arises, I know it is impossible and naive to think one could go through an entire IT career and never have an ethical issue arise. Whether the IT ethical issue is something that you have come across in your daily workings, or one that has been presented to you by a co-worker of your boss. I have learned how to identify an ethical issue and what to do when one arises and how to start the process of correcting it.
With the continuing trend towards globalization, what new challenges do you anticipate relating to ethics in IT? With the continuing trend towards globalization I believe there will be so many ethical issues that arise it will be hard to keep up with them. Things in our world are becoming more and more autonomous, I believe this will raise many concerns about how much of our personally information and

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