Ethical Issues Of Same Sex Marriage

There are numerous topics being discussed on an ethical level in our society today. One of the more popular discussions that has recently been at the forefront is that of same sex marriage. Many states within the United States are finding laws being added to ballots to have same-sex marriages legalized or at the very least recognized on some level. Society has become increasingly unhappy with the traditional definition of marriage being only between one man and one woman. As the years have gone by our society demands that we change to match the society in which we operate; this includes recognizing the actions that may have been previously shunned as unnatural, immoral, and unethical. In order to better understand why change is
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Either the act of same-sex marriage is an ethically permissible act that should be embraced by society, one that needs to be supported as change is going forward. The second option is that the act of same-sex marriage is unethical and therefore should be banned. These two solutions can help determine if individuals feel that they are right in the way that they feel or act, as well as what type of support needs to be put in place to help enforce the decision made. The issue should be addressed on a national level as to support unity as a …show more content…
How society addresses these feelings helps to develop how the children feels being homosexual is; this includes if being homosexual is good or bad on a basic level. As we grow into adulthood we find that our ethical values change, but in the formative years we look to the adults with whom we interact with on a regular basis for approval (Wall, 2008). The results are simple when the adults that raise children believe homosexual acts are unethical then the children believe the act is unethical. It has been shown that families that recognize these feelings and seek out sources that can help to develop a loving, caring environment will find that the adolescents will grow into confident adults (Yarhouse, 2014). This establishment of self-worth brings the inability to marry the person whom they love to the forefront of what they feel is valuable; making same-sex marriage very important to the individual as they come into adulthood. The feeling that everyone should recognize the importance of what they establish as their family unit. As we grow into adulthood we begin to formulate our own values for ethical establishment these values typically end with what we feel is the most beneficial to ourselves, in other words we act in a selfish

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