Ethical Dilemma Case Study Essay

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The focus of the essay is to discuss a case study and interpret the meaning of ethic and identifying the ethical dilemma that is involved in the case study. The essay will further by identifying and analysis the viewpoint of the people involved within the case study and their moral argument evaluate the potential conflict that may arise. Nevertheless, it focuses on how gender, financial status and religion influence the people in the case study. It will point out the relevant professional codes of conduct which applied in the dilemma and conclude based on a moral solution.
The case study is about a thirty seven years old woman called Mrs K. She has four children and a husband, Mr K who disagrees with abortion. She was on contraceptive to
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The choices that are made by the Mrs k in this circumstance may have a lasting impact on her health and whatever decision she makes will consider to be her own responsibility.
• Mr K view on the dilemma is that he disagreed with abortion, and because he is the father to the child, which means he may have a say on whether to keep the child or not.
• Front-line professional view on this dilemma is that because Mrs K fall under the1967 abortion Act and due to her depression, it would not be necessary to keep the child and this is to prevent any harm to the child and their patient. The reason is, as a health professional the number one priority is Mrs K well being and they must do so by following the code of conduct in a professional way.
• Family members may be against abortion because their religion and culture, abortion is forbidden and they may not care about her depression because of their beliefs that abortion is not allowed in their religion.

• The general public view is that, some may say it is the mother 's choice to terminate the child or not. Whereas others may view dilemma that, it is wrong for a mother to end a life of a human being and that the fetus has a right to

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