Essay about Ethical Dilemm Academic Integrity And Writing

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Ethical Dilemma: Academic Integrity and Essay Writing Websites
Growing up as a child, I was taught to work hard for my own success and to take pride in my work. Moreover, when you turn in work that does not belong to you, you are gain nothing from the assignment. Due to how I was raised, I only believed in receiving credit for work performed and constructed by me. Recently, I learned about a new innovation of online essay-writing websites. I initially saw an advertisement for them on the social media network, Facebook. Even then, before studying the ethical issues involved in professional essay writing, I was disgusted and appalled at the thought of paying for my essays to be written for me. Upon looking more deeply into the topic, I learned in Pennsylvania State University code of conduct it is evident that plagiarism is not supported as well as online essay writing as it does not coincide with their “environment in which all students can succeed through the fruits of their efforts.” Professional writing companies have no clear regard for individual student effort. These companies only see the market and possible income for these professionally written essays in the presence of desperate students. However, like the article “Write My Essay, Please!” state 's, online writing fosters laziness and a lack of appreciation for college as well as being unfair to the students who really try to better themselves from their college experience. A concept that appealed to me the most…

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