Euthanasia And Physician Assisted Suicide

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Many wonder if euthanasia is right and moral and if it is not what should be done when being faced with this situation. I think the best way to look at physician-assisted euthanasia is through consequentialism and deontology.
It’s important we look at the consequences of physician-assisted suicide because they are literally the difference between life and death. A patient that is gravely ill or in a coma may be diagnosed and given a time limit until death, however, some patients have surprised their doctors. Waking up 8 months later after being in a coma and being diagnosed with cancer and then finding that you don’t have cancer are just two examples of patients who were supposed to die, but did not. If a family member, doctor, or even the patient themselves decided to give up on getting better than they might have missed out on another chance at life. They would miss out on getting better. Of course I can understand that not every patient
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I think the best way to approach these situations is not to ask the doctor for assistance in dying, but refusing treatment. For those who cannot consent and are in very poor condition I think families should be allowed to decide to take their loved ones off any machines and let their body take their natural course whether that is living or eventually dying. That is more morally right than expecting another human being to carry the burden of deaths on their shoulders and taking away their duty to save lives. This is more morally correct because many years ago we did not have the medication and treatment we had today, so those who wish to die can do so naturally through their disease or condition. Citizens should have the right to live, but not the right to ask doctors to help them die. It is morally a lot worse to kill someone, then it is to allow them to take their natural course of life (LaFollette,

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