Ethical Concepts In The Nursing Code Of Ethics In Nursing

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Ethics is concerned with right or wrong. Accepting on what is right can be challenging. At the core of health care ethics are our beliefs about rights we possess and the duties we owe our patients and clients. It is important health care professionals understand the concepts of ethics as it is essential to the delivery of skilled professional care. To apply it to health, health care ethics or medical ethics is a set of moral principles, beliefs and values that guide in making choices about medical care.
With this is mind, it is vital that nurses appreciate the value of ethics in their work. Ethics plays a major part in the professional role of a nurse and clinical practice-based issues. To apply ethics successfully, nurses must develop their cognitive skills and understand the concepts and principles that support ethical analysis. In recent times, nurses confront various personal, interpersonal, professional and institutional and socio-cultural challenges in their professional performance. Tacking these issues may not always be clear. Ethical dilemmas occur when there is lack of correct approach in solving these issues. For nurses to
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Confidentiality is non-disclosure of private or secret information which one is entrusted. Legally, it applies to all health practitioners and others that are in contact with information about patients. This continues even after patient’s death. Nurses hold in confidence any information obtained in a professional capacity, and use professional judgement is sharing such information. The necessity of sharing the information must be considered by the nurse before disclosing the information in other words the nurse should use professional judgement to decide about this since the wellbeing and safety of the patient depends on this

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