Eth 501 Case 3 Mnc Essay

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ETH 501

Case 3

Business Ethics

In reviewing the case for module three on Mattel I couldn’t help but notice how similar a case study this was to another multinational corporation (MNC). That corporation is Nike. It seems that around the time I was entering my teenage years more and more corporations where being placed under this microscope. This was a direct correlation of globalization. Every industry leader has gone through this as a result of being a industry leader and a trailblazer in globalization; Wal-mart in retail, Nike in shoes and Mattel in toys. Still, in all investigative coverage there is the one that rips the lid of and sheds light on a world we couldn’t have imagined and have never seen.
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In fact I remember pressure being put on Michael Jordan who was at the time Nike’s most famous spokesman and had an exclusive line with the company about going to visit the factories where these workers worked. This never came to fruition due to “scheduling conflicts”.
Wal-Mart, Inc has also been put under the microscope as an industry leader. Though the company pulls in record profits $15.4 Billion in 2011 they still pay their employees low wages. The calculation that was given from Winning Word Project and if they and I did verify the numbers if they paid all US employees which totals 1.4 Million and extra $5,000 over the course of a year which equals roughly an extra $417 monthly Wal-Mart would still have a $7 Billion profit (The Winning Words Project, 2012). Not only would it force competitors to raise wages it would create an additional tax revenue stream which would help out state and local governments that have been hurting since the financial meltdown of 2008.
That tangent about Wal-Mart and Nike was just to make the case for Mattel about courage. As a fairly new CEO Robert A. Eckert was looking for cost cutting efforts when he came on as CEO (Sethi, Veral, Shapiro, & Emelianova, 2011). He allowed for GMP to become viable by not killing the idea before it got to take off. Not only did Mattel an industry leader step outside the box in implementing Global Manufacturing Principles (GMP) they brought in a third party to create and implement

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