Essay about Establishing The Hierarchy Of Nba Legends

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Establishing the hierarchy of NBA Legends: Michael Jordan versus LeBron James
Have you ever wondered about who is the best basketball player ever? Although there are literally hundreds of players to choose from, the general consensus usually boil down to “His Airness” (Michael Jordan) and “King James” (LeBron James). Authors and journalists get nostalgic about the “tireless machine” known as Jordan; while others rave about the “runaway freight train” named LeBron. Let’s make the comparisons and you judge who is better, or will you be straddling the fences like thousands of NBA fans? According to Stephen A. Smith, ESPN analyst “You have to have championships to be the greatest of all time (The GOAT), but that’s not all. What credentials do you have? What makes you different from everyone else?” These two players have many credentials. Michael Jordan’s list of accolades is as follows: he is a six time NBA champion, six time NBA finals most valuable player, a five time NBA league most valuable player and a four time All-star MVP. Now for the things you didn’t know: Jordan was the first player in NBA history to win defensive player of the year, MVP and the scoring title in the same year (1988). He also won two gold medals in the Olympics and a NCAA championship making him one of only two players to win a championship in all levels of basketball. LeBron James has an impressive set of trophies himself. Here is a list of some of his accomplishments: He is a two time NBA…

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