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The essay titled “The Price We Pay” written by Adam Mayblum, the author details his personal experience of escape from the World Trade Towers on September 11th. As I read this detailed account of his escape, I am emotionally affected. I am humbled to read acts of bravery, selflessness and teamwork. We see accounts of how Adam, himself, constantly puts himself in immediate danger to go back and help others descend from the building. He recalls how he went back to the 85th floor, after initially leaving, to go back and find one of his partners. He stops to account for his officemates, along with shepherding people out into safety. Throughout the narration, he is constantly reaching out to others to help them. He sees an associate stuck in …show more content…
She further illuminates this neglect as she is able to leave her home in the early part of morning to go to school, without being noticed. School offers her the ability to be noticed and thus offers her a sanctuary from such neglect.

Throughout the essay, the element of sound in her descriptions or the absence of sound, illuminate the theme of silence. This theme of silence portrays the idea that outside of school the children are void of attention. For example, she describes how after being displaced from their rooms, they would watch the television with the sound off. Instead of bedtime stories to put the children to sleep, they are put to bed by the silenced television shows. Later, she sneaks out of the house to escape the anxiousness of her home. She writes, “It was quite outside. Stars were still out. Nothing moved and no one was in the street. It was as if someone had turned the sound off on the world. (p.84) Once again, we see that no sound surrounds her, as she sneaks out of her home to try to get to school early. In fact the first true instance of sound, was in the inquiry of the janitor on how she was doing. The simple act of inquiring about her, transforms her mood from anxiety to happiness. She later writes, “he was old with white hair, thick glasses and an unbelievable number of keys. I could hear them jingling as he walked across the playfield. I felt incredibly happy to see him.” As her school opens, the author too opens up. Her essay

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