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Exporting lamb to the Saudi Arabian Market

Samex Australian Meat Company is a long established Meat Trading Company based in Australia & it has been supplying the finest quality Beef / Lamb / Mutton & Goat to a wide variety of markets around the world.Samex was established in 1978 in Australia and quickly become one of the country’s principal meat trading companies. An extensive supply network means Samex can source everything from high-value chilled lamb and beef via airfreight to bulk mutton & goat shipments all Halal Certified products for Middle East markets. Samex had developed live sheep export trade over the years, but it had been under struggle for many years because of ethical issues related to the
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These imperatives, all ruled by the Islamic laws, are of three kinds. The first ones are physical, implying that the sheep must be healthy, pure during its whole life before being slaughtered and not have any disease. Then come process oriented imperatives, which involve that during the whole process of the lamb production, the sheep must remain “Halal”. The last imperatives concern the slaughter of the sheep. The lamb must be facing Mecca when being slaughtered, the name of God must be pronounced, the slaughter man must use a stainless knife, and the blood must be drained. Applying to exporting lamb to this market, it is acknowledged that lamb meat has a long history of consumption with the Islamic religion and has become an important part of the cultural heritage and tradition of the Arabs.
SOCIAL INSTITUTION-Then, the family is the most important social institution in Saudi Arabia. For Saudis generally, the family is the primary basis of identity and status for the individual and the immediate focus of individual loyalty. Saudis take their responsibilities to their family quite seriously. Families tend to be large and the extended family is quite close. The

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