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Assessment task 2- Scenario 2

Urinary tract infection is one of the most common infections diagnosed among women in the world. There has been increasing concern for alternative method to treat urinary tract infection over antibiotics since misuse of antibiotics can led to bacterial resistance(Scholes et al., 2004). This essay will establish PICO (population, intervention, comparison and outcome) question in the given scenario where a 22 year old Susan visits the GP with symptoms of urinary frequency, dysuria, lower back pain and shivering. She was diagnosed with Urinary tract infection (hereby referred as UTI) and antibiotics were prescribed. However after developing thrush due to antibiotics for urinary tract infection previously, she
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Urologic nursing, 34(3), 121. Bass-Ware, Weed, Johnson and Spurlock (2014) discussed the effectiveness of cranberry juice in UTI if it is consumed daily. This research was conducted among adult female who have been diagnosed with UTI. They also highlighted the information that cranberry juice was more effective than cranberry tablets and packets. 3. Salvatore, S., Salvatore, S., Cattoni, E., Siesto, G., Serati, M., Sorice, P., & Torella, M. (2011). Urinary tract infections in women. European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology, 156(2), 131-136. Salvatore et al., 2011 reviewed seven different medical databases of studies on UTI. It identified various preventive method among which one was consumption of cranberry juice. They also included that ten studies identified by Cochrane review supported the use of cranberry juice to prevent UTI. 4. Milo, G., Katchman, E., Paul, M., Christiaens, T., Baerheim, A., & Leibovici, L. (2005). Duration of antibacterial treatment for un-complicated urinary tract infection in women. status and date: Edited (no change to conclusions), published in, (1). Milo et al.,(2005) tried to identify randomized control trials by comparing the effect of antibiotic on the basis of duration of drug administered i.e. comparing the effectiveness of drug given for three days, five days or longer. It is very important and reliable article as it included studies were performed between 1980 and

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