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Annotated Bibliography For Final Project

Dwayne A. Tyler

Humn 8151

Professor Dr. M. Larscheid

December 23, 2013

Annotated Bibliography For Final Project

Chanmugam, A., PhD., L.C.S.W., & Hall, K., M.S.W. (2012). Safety planning with children and adolescents in domestic violence shelters. Violence and Victims, 27(6), 831-48. Retrieved from
Authors Chanmugam and Hall (2012) took on the responsibility of researching youth of who are lodged in domestic violence shelters and behavior is impacted by it. For example, they have “problems in several domains, including externalizing and internalizing problems, posttraumatic
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The outcome of the consortium was to form an alliance named Moms and dads for education to stop teen dating abuse (M.A.D.E). Claiborne wanted to hammer home to youth that because you know a person does not omit them from committing a grievous act like teenage dating violence. For instance statistics declares, “nearly half of teen girls who have been in a relationship say they have been victims of verbal, physical, or sexual abuse by their boyfriends” (Claiborne, 2008, para. 1).
This article will impact my research by helping me to understand how youth think as it relates to domestic violence. Especially, when an act of violence has occurred and the youth are victimized, the first thing an individual will state is why? The study of psychosis in youth is not a new phenomenon to the social science community, but as it pertains to domestic violence it is an eye opener. Simply because some researchers believe it is a learned behavior.
Day, S. E., & Bazemore, G. (2011). Two generations at risk: Child welfare, institutional boundaries, and family violence in grandparent homes. Child Welfare, 90(4), 99-116. Retrieved from
Authors Day & Bazemore (2011) raise the notion from a scientific perspective that “participation of extended family members, particularly custodial grandparents, has generally resulted in better outcomes for abused children and relief for

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