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Neonatal Care


Cardiovascular system: o Closer of the foramen ovale secondary to:   Expansion of the lungs, decreases pulmonary resistance Clamping of umbilical cord:   Increases systemic vascular resistance Increases left atrial pressure

Respiratory system: o First breath is a reflex to noise and light

Renal system: o Not fully functional for the first year o Neonate’s ability to filter waste products improve over first year of life

Gastrointestinal system: o No normal bacterial flora o Unable to digest fat

Thermogenesis: o Rapid heat loss can occur in less than optimal environment

Immunity: o Depends on immunity provided by mother o Neonate begins
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F. Risk factors:     Heat loss Cold environment Low birth weight Immature temperature regulation system

Clinical Manifestations:  Kicking and crying - NCLEX-RN Study Guide
 Core body temperature less than 97.7oF


Diagnostic tests:   Arterial Blood Gas (ABGs) hypoxemia Hypoglycemia

Treatments:   Radiant warmer Monitor: o Vital signs every 15 minutes  Prevent hypothermia: o Dry neonate immediately o Allow mother to hold infant o Provide knitted cap

Neonatal Drug Dependency: This disorder is the result of maternal drug use during pregnancy. Risk factors:  Drug use by mother

Clinical Manifestations:        High-pitched cry Irritability Jitteriness Tremors Poor sleeping patterns Frequent sneezing or yawning Hyperactive reflexes -

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