Essay Who Is To Blame For Romeo's Death

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Romeo is the one who started the problem that everybody has.He is the problem in this story because he went to a party that was being hosted by the enemy Capulets, he ends up killing Juliet's cousin Tybalt in a fight, and in the end he ends up killing himself. Therefore, this is the reason why I believe Romeo is the one to blame.

Romeo is to blame for the death of himself and Juliet because he goes to the enemy's party. I say this because Benvolio convinces him to go to the party to look at other girls, to get rid of the other lad he is in love with. The quote that proves this is I will show you shining at the feast’’)(Shakespeare Act 1 799). While he is attending that party he meets a young and gorgeous Juliet. While he meets Juliet he falls
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Romeo ends up killing Tybalt and for this the prince ends up banning him from Verona. This means he can't live or stay there. If he can't do that then he can't see Juliet, and if this is it they can't have a marriage,

In the end Romeo is to blame because he ends up killing himself. He ends up killing himself because he gets fake information from his butler/messenger that he has seen Juliet put into the monument of the Capulet family. When Romeo hears this he becomes really sad and does not want to live anymore. When he decides this he goes to the apothecary and ask for a dose of poison, ‘’let me have a dram of poison such soon- speeding gear’’ (Shakespeare Act 5 897) . He gives him the dose because he is really poor and not because he wants to. After Romeo gets the dose he goes to Juliet's grave and sees her one more time. He then drinks it and dies. This is bad because if he is dead then he can't see or be with Juliet.

This is the reason why I Romeo is to blame for all of these things. Romeo is to blame because he had to get a new love and go to the Capulets party. He went to the party, he killed Tybalt and he killed himself. If he did not do any of these things then he and Juliet would still be

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