Why We Should Read The Old Testament

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I used to not read the old testament, and would consider the bible as valuable and I used to also believe in all its originality, but the Old Testament was a bit painful to read in my opinion, and that only the importance of the bible was only going to be found in the New Testament.
Now I know that the Old Testament can be, in moments, the most difficult to comprehend than the New Testament, but at the same time there are some things that are extremely important in there. I know for the most part that there are youth that do not necessarily read the Old Testament, and that is the problem I want to get in touch in this essay in the next 3 reasons of why we should read the Old Testament.
The first reason of all, the Old Testament is also the
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The last, explains it better and amplifies the first, and without the first it wouldn’t be understandable what the future coming is or what is about to come.
The second reason is that Jesus also reads the Old Testament. Jesus not only read the Old Testament, but also preached about it (Found in Luke 20:16-21) now that is interesting. Something that also results to be interesting, is that the apostles also used the Old Testament to preach to Jesus. We can see that frequently in the Gospels when the writers cited to the Old Testament to show the finishing of the prophecies that were signaled to Jesus as the messiah (Even in some parts when in the wagons of the apostles were mentioned verses of the Old Testament to predicate to Jesus)
Lastly as the 3rd reason being is that the Old Testament also talks about Jesus. All the bible has nearly been about Jesus. Jesus does not only appear in the New Testament, but instead throughout the whole Old Testament was prophesied dozens of
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Paul writes in Timothy. (2 Tim 3:16-17): “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.” All scripture points to Jesus, and when we read it and we study it, we will see that it is actually related as such. I am a witness of that.
Reading the Old Testament amazes me greatly because by seeing the prophesies of Jesus that were written hundreds of years before He was born from a virgin. I can also observe how everything has to do with Jesus. That tells me a lot of the perfection of the Bible, also that the Old Testament is full of real and marvelous stories that tell to me about God and His valuable teachings and lections.
One major point I would like to add here is that the Old Testament comfort us, encourage us and that the Old Testament saves souls. To me that is extremely important, and I could repeat this over and over. By reading the narrations of the Old Testament, we can experience the beauty in comfort and hope that Paul once promised that it would be in company of tremendous study. We are encouraged with the love of God, majestic and powerful in every way, and fidelity from a pact in His relation with

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