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Is The Death Penalty a Bad Public Policy?
The justice system in the United States is nowhere near perfect, but over the years it has been molded and developed in such ways that it is currently working to the best of it’s ability. The death penalty is a largely controversial in today’s society; there are many arguments both for and against the death penalty. Realistically though, the death penalty is necessary. While each state has the right to their own decisions about whether to install the death penalty or not, federally, capital punishment is still used. The death penalty is arguably expensive and morally wrong, although for tremendously heinous crimes it could be justified.
The biggest defense against the use of capital punishment in
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It stands to reason that the victims and those who are affected by heinous crimes would want some sort of vengeance against the perpetrator. Those who are on trial and looking prospectively at the death penalty, took away the life of an innocent person or multiple people, and therefore consequently deserve to be deprived of their life. This is as simple as Hammurabi’s code, “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth”. Despite the fact that our society has undoubtedly progressed and become more civilized since Mesopotamian times, it is not irrational for those affected by horrific crimes to expect or want the same done to the criminal who is in question. Ernest van den Haag expresses that those who put themselves in these situations – the criminals that is – voluntarily put themselves in the position to be punished as such (Haag, 2013). It was out of their own free will to make the choice that put them on the stand. On the other hand, those who argue in favor of abolishing the death penalty feel that it would inflict more suffering, if that is in fact the goal, if the criminal were sentenced to a hard life in prison. Quite frankly, the criminal likely does not want to die and would choose a life in prison over being put to death. Thus, it would be more effective and punitive if they were sentenced to …show more content…
It really holds to each individual’s belief in the proper way of punishing criminals and their own standard of what is defined as cruel and unusual. In retrospect, the death penalty might have many viable arguments against its use, but the only argument that I can hold true and reasonable debate to be true is the essence of justice. Those who spend life in prison are certainly not in likable conditions but they still have a warm place to sleep, medical care, resources, and three meals a day, unlike their victims. Capital punishment might not offer any deterrence of future murderers or terrorists but it offers justice for the victim, in addition to a peace of mind for the victim’s family. Individuals, who feel strongly about keeping the death penalty in place, are sometimes quick to suggest that it be imposed on a large variety of criminals such as rapists. The current standard for the death penalty, in my opinion, is effective the way it is and it should be preserved. The execution of rapists, even child sex offenders, would be considered cruel and unusual with the reason that the victim didn’t die. While those victims might be seriously disturbed for the duration of their lives, they were not robbed of their life unlike homicide victims. The death penalty for murderers and terrorists, with the exclusion of juveniles and incompetent individuals, is generally an effective policy in the

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