Death Penalty Problem

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The death penalty

The death penalty has been in practise since the 18th century B.C (, n.d.), and is defined as the punishment of execution, administered to legally conviction of a crime (, 2008). While most countries has abolished their death penalty law, there is still some countries like the USA, who have a full legal capital punishment law. In the U.S, many believe that sentencing a person to the death is an easier way out for the legal system to be rid of a criminal, calling it inhuman and too old to uphold in our modern society. However, conviction is not an easy process. The death penalty is necessary for the state to protect us from serial killers, as well as terrorists that are increasing
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Killing is a big problem, but the death penalty is not the only answer. There is always a way to protect the public from these killers. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), a non-profit corporation defending and preserving individuals’ rights and liberties (ACLU, n.d.), stated in a Q&A that there have been several recent studies of public attitudes changing thwarts crime and punishment. The studies showed that a majority of Americans supported alternatives to the death penalty. There is rather a growing agreement across the United States that life without parole is better (ACLU, Q&A, n.d., para. 11). Although Dr. Mocan’s study suggest that killing one convict will save five lives, there is no reason to take any life, whatever cause it may be. ACLU believe that the death penalty is immoral in principle, and that it is unfair and discriminatory in practise. They believe that no one deserves to die, and that in this civilized society, they reject the principle of doing to criminals what they did do to their victims. According to them, the penalty for rape cannot be rape. Punishing with death would therefore be barbaric (ACLU,, n.d.). Alternatively, the best solution would be a sentence of prison without release. Even though the killing rate is reaching the thousands, there is no reason to think that the only way of punishment is sentencing the defendant to …show more content…
Majority of the convicts in prison, waiting for conviction, are black because of the number awaiting. In an article, by Roger Clegg, the General Counsel at the centre for equal opportunity stated that that the reason for blacks being charged with capital crimes out of proportion to their numbers in Forth general population might simply mean that blacks commit capital crimes out of proportion to their numbers. He also acknowledge the fact of high black street crime (, 2014). At the same time, the reason for the high number of black inmates awaiting for the death penalty is not racial profiling. In December 2005, 37 prisoners were sentenced to the death. Of those prisoners, 43, 2% where white, while 54, 1% were black. David B. Muhlhausen, Analyst at the Heritage Foundation Centre for Data Analysis, wrote that the fact that black people are the majority in a federal prison and a minority in the overall United States population may give some conclusion that the federal system discriminate against Black people. However, there is little evidence to suggest that minorities are treated unfairly (Muhlhausen, D. B., 2007). When a felon is sentenced, it is not based on their background, but the crime. At the same time, racial profiling is questioned because of the historical events that has taken place. Another problem is that the medical personnel are not

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