African American Drug Discrimination Essay

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From the time slaves were imported from the Africa to the US, blacks have always been faced significant discrimination in America. Once slavery was abolished and segregation was outlawed, African-Americans generally still faced more hardships compared to any other group in the US. Many people look down and think of this group in such a negative way. There are various reasons including media portrayal and perceptions which depict many African-Americans as felons. This stigma is not only visible with the common citizen, it can be seen in the eyes of law enforcement. It is evident that a disproportionate number of African-American citizens end up behind bars compared to any other group in the US. The chances of an African-American man ending up in prison compared to any other group is much greater. Figures show the stark difference …show more content…
Drugs are categorized based on their schedule which depicts their abuse or usefulness. Regarding sentencing, it is noted that “selling 5 grams of crack, will serve a minimum of five years in prison. A first-time peddler of powder cocaine would have to sell 500 grams to receive the same sentence” (Benavie 332). Both drugs are categorized as schedule II drugs, but it is striking in how the amount differs between the two. Benavie writes, “This 100 to 1 punishment disparity between two forms of the same substance is widely seen as racist, since most crack dealers are African American, while peddlers of powder crack are usually white” (Benavie 332). It is evident that African Americans are targeted and given harsher sentences when dealing drugs compared to their white counterparts. I conclude that African Americans are targeted more when dealing drugs and they are given harsher penalties since law enforcement may feel that this can set an example in low-income

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