Essay On Why I Want To Become A Doctor

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Believing in what Albert Einstein had said "Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile", the idea of helping and healing people has captivated me from my younger days. Coming from a place where women are still oppressed and are deprived of basic education, it seemed like a farfetched dream for me to become a doctor. But I was lucky to be born to parents who did not follow this norm. I have always fought against the social restriction and discouragement and resolved to do something distinct. My parents’ support and the utmost priority they gave to my education fuelled my resolve. My mother being the first woman from her community to complete high school and obtain bachelor’s degree has always been an inspiration and motivator to me. She …show more content…
I wanted to go into the depth and no better way than studying medicine. Not only that, I was impressed by how noble and worthwhile this profession is. At the end of the day, nothing can beat the satisfaction of seeing a person getting healed and helping the family with their illness. It is not an easy job but nothing is more rewarding.

After completing medical school at the top of my class, I did my internship in the busiest government hospitals in Nepal where I got to really know what being a doctor really is.The amount of dedication, clarity and spontaneity required and the huge responsibility made me realize I still have a lot to learn and a long way to go. It just made me work harder as a student and I grew more mature as a person. It prepared me in many ways, sharpened my diagnostic and procedure skills; I fell more and more in love with the field of
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I am glad I had the opportunity to experience this contrast because now I know what to expect anywhere I go, and work accordingly.This clinical experience exposed me to a variety of cases and made me familiar with the medical system here. I have had the opportunity to learn the EMR system which is going to be of great assistance to me in the future here. I also have some further clinical rotations scheduled where I expect to learn more until my residency

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