Essay On Why I Am A Doctor

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Today I am a doctor, not by chance, but by choice: the choice I made to excel, to strive and to break the stereotype. I come from a small town with limited educational facilities, where going to high school, let alone a university is looked upon as shooting for the moon. Getting to medical school seemed like a fight against the big shots from the large cities with robust educational structures. I did not lose hope. I was driven by the energy to challenge my abilities. From improving my bad handwriting to the day I carved my way into a medical school, I continued to challenge myself and worked hard.
Medicine has been my passion since childhood when I saw many dear ones succumb to health problems; the medical profession came to their rescue. My grandfather had to travel to the state capital to visit the nearest cardiologist. Meticulous management helped him improve his quality of life in the face of advanced coronary artery disease over three decades. My mother has been able to pursue her passion for social activism despite her insulin dependent diabetes. I have experienced miracles
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Since my medical life, I have had a strong belief that you don 't study to pass an exam, but you study for the day you will be the only one standing between the patient and the grave. And working here during my externship I could see my dream getting transformed into reality. With my undergraduate medical education to serve as my foundation of knowledge, and communication skills to develop good patient-doctor relationship, I look forward to fulfilling my duties as a physician who works in a team to manage the health care of patients. I am excited to join your residency program and assure you that I will continue to work with enthusiasm and commitment, upholding my dream and the Hippocratic

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