Guns Should Be Banned Essay

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When something bad happens, and it just may be a person’s fault, humans tend to blame an animate object. It is often blamed, rather than the person themselves. This is common in many people, I'm sure all of us have some kind of relation to this subject, whether blaming or being blamed.. This action is sadly very common with the issue of gun control. When a shooting occurs, people will blame the lack of gun control instead of simply the person behind it. Thousands of people will blame guns, and want to ban them all throughout the United States, lashing out and really not bothering to understand the actual problem. I don't think Americans should ban all guns for many reasons, mainly for the strong effect that will take place on the citizens. After all, it's their right to own guns. One can only imagine how people would …show more content…
This is honestly so commonly confused. The reason why is people don't want to think that this statement is true, because they don't bother to understand! The truth is literally right under their noses by they don't want to look. When you hear news of a shooting, you can’t blame the gun, but the person behind it. Even if we do take guns away, what is going to stop murderers? Mant other weapons can be created just as easily. Although I want to understand their opinion, I simply cannot. That is their belief however (that I will respect), not mine.

In simplicity, I do not believe all guns should be banned. Do we need more gun control? Yes. However we just can’t get rid of all guns. Gun use is already so common, that taking them away would have a bad effect on the population, and could cause bursts of outrage, protests and more. People will just find a way to either make their own guns, or smuggle the beck in. I suppose some won't even give the up; it would be impossible to find them all. This idea is fairly idiotic, as well as people not wanting to understand the main problem. Guns do not kill. People

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