The Hobbit: A Short Story

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We have been friends for three years, but it feels longer. After we first met, I always knew her as the one who didn’t like pork. I’d ask her “Why don’t you like pork!?” She would say “I don’t know, I just don’t like it.” I’d tell myself, “How could she not like pork!?” “Maybe she is just allergic”. I personally thought pork was tasty, depending how a person prepares the meat. This question stuck with me throughout our friendship. As the months, days passed, the answer began to reveal itself. As senior year crept closer and closer, Jenna and I decided we should do sleepovers before I started college. I would stay over at her house one week and she would stay over at mine’s the other week. It was my week so my mom picked me up, brought …show more content…
When I finished, I looked up to see them begin eating again, like nothing happened. Still feeling really heated, I started eating too, as continued to eat Jenna’s dad asked what do, I believe in. I paused a little, and told him that I was Catholic. When I told them that, he was really accepting in who I was, which feel less pressured. After eating, I ran upstairs to bring down The Hobbit: The Unexpected Journey movie. It finished so late that we both decided that she would just the blankets and pillow and we will just sleep down on the soft plush couches. I was the last person to wake up. My drowsy self-woke up to the smell of sweet chocolate chip pancakes and salty but distinct smell of turkey bacon. When became more alert, I heard a very distinct foreign language. Is it Arabic? I got up, my eyes fully open, I saw her mom a hijab on. When I saw her wear it and heard her talk, it answered my question, they were Muslim. After I realized who they, I became more aware of their home such as the hanging meanings that were all in Arabic. Even though I was mad that Jenna didn’t tell me, I put her situation in my own shoes. Before I sat down at the table, her dad asked me if I want pancakes or waffle, turkey bacon, and an omelet, so I just asked for

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