Free Argumentative Essays-Abortion Is Not Justified

How do you feel about abortion? Do you believe in it? Is it becoming a big controversy? Abortions shouldn 't be legal or performed. I have many reasons for this is because it 's basically killing a person. Abortion is not justified because it affects a woman 's health, the emotional strain, and her life becomes more unstable knowing what she has done in the past. Many people argue that abortion affects a woman 's health, and it also affects her emotionally and physically. It is mostly argued that a women should be able to decide whether or not if she wants an abortion. Some people believe that the woman should have the right to decide if they want an abortion or not. One reason why most people believe that the woman have the right is because …show more content…
Pro-life is a general term that is usually applied to those in favor in outlawing abortions and of empowering the government to determine whether specific types of abortions should be allowed. Many people are more for Pro-life due to them being against abortions. Abortions are being argued on whether they should be legal and performed. Abortion was also argued after five or six weeks was considered a homicide was punishable. Pro-choice is usually applied to those in favor of allowing the women to make all relevant decisions of regarding conception, contraception, pregnancy, and abortion. Basically if the women or teens should make their own choice. It 's giving them the responsibility and choice- for their life. Many methods of abortions were resulting in mortality rates were unsafe and outlawed for the safety of the women 's health. Women’s health started to become a big part in the argument over abortion and one of the main reasons why abortion is now becoming a major controversy once again. Abortions which were called Therapeutic which helps preserve the health or life of the pregnant woman, or when the fetus is determined to be nonviable or have significant defects. Pro-choice helps the woman make her own decision and it somewhat gives the chance to be responsible for something that 's really important and that 's going to impact her

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