How Is Technology Used In The Classroom

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Technology Use in the Classroom
Today, students are remarkably tech savvy and create and consume large amounts of media. In contrast to these students, teachers and principals are often unaware of what goes on in the students’ digital world and are often afraid to engage with it. This gap has created a shift of power in schools allowing students to be the experts of technology. Many educators fear change and the release of power that comes with the use of technology. With the invention of smartphones, laptops, and tablets, media content comes onto campus every minute of the school day through the internet, email, and text messages. Contrary to popular belief, banning cell phones and limiting technology use is not the solution. Educators need
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It is a bit shocking that teachers claim to produce students that are college and career ready, yet the only technologies students are exposed to include video games, watching their teachers manipulate a computer/projector, and taking AR tests. Students must understand how to use various technologies and realize that technology can be used to learn rather than to simply play games. It is evident that Margaret is developing more technology skills than her peers and has learned numerous ways to use technology to benefit her educational career. It is important to show students how their tablets and phones can be used as educational tools. These devices need to be brought to class in order to perform research, scan QR codes, participate in exit ticket surveys, create videos, and numerous other skills that will enhance student …show more content…
Using the internet in the classroom is beneficial because most internet resources are informational texts, allowing for easy integration of reading and writing within content areas. One example is to have students research a topic of interest. Students are more motivated to learn when allowed to choose their own topics. Students should begin by identifying one question that they would like to have answered and write it down. This is empowering because teachers are constantly asking questions, but they seldom allow students to create their own questions. Identifying important questions is also a skill that will benefit students as they progress through their school careers. The students should then identify a few vocabulary words from their background knowledge and enter them into the search engine. Searching the internet and distinguishing between which websites produce appropriate information is an essential skill called critical analysis. Anyone can publish something to the internet, so students must assess each site for validity. After locating an appropriate site, students must identify relevant information. During this process, students are using comprehension skills and revisiting their purpose for reading the article, “What am I looking for?” Students can then use the internet to communicate their findings via class

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