Essay On Teachers Should Pay Based On Student Performance

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Studying is one of the important components in everyone’s life. Most adults studied at schools when they were kids. Teachers spend most of their times with students and teach students the basic principles of the world and life. Student performance is largely based on students’ abilities and teachers’ effort. If students are not doing good on their subjects, teachers can help them improve their academic performance by answering the questions, and tutoring after class, etc. In the past decades, teachers are compensated based on the years of service and their education level. One of the problems of using this type of compensation scheme is there are no monetary incentives for teachers to help their students achieve their goals because they are not paying for student outcomes. Thus, there is a debate about whether schools should pay teachers based on their performance to increase student achievement or based on the years of service and education level. …show more content…
The simplest and most popular way to examine teacher performance is through the student academic outcomes. Schools use the student test scores to determine the level of effort that teachers put into teaching. For people who agree that teachers should pay based on their performance believe it can increase student achievements. However, for those people who do not agree that teachers should pay based on their performance think it can have a negative impact on student achievement because teachers may focus on tested materials rather than other general learning objectives. Based on what I learned from the research articles, I believe that teachers should not largely be paid based on their performance. Instead, the pay for performance should be a bonus plan to increase teacher

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