Essay On Reconstruction After The Civil War

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The Civil War, considered a Northern victory, had drastic effects on both Northern and Southern territories. Throughout the duration of the war, more than 620,000 soldiers had lost their lives battling over the institution of slavery. With the Northern win of the Civil War, the institution of slavery came to a halt, and a new era arose, dismantling the efforts that had taken place after the Civil War. The Reconstruction era was not only an era where many former slaves had been granted an increase of freedom, but an era of great resistance and change. During this time, free slaves and African Americans were pushing for suffrage as well as the same opportunities as whites, merely because their idea of freedom had been based on their accounts of whites on the …show more content…
White southerners had been the puissant resistance behind the reconstruction due to the fact that they had lost their source of free labor, thus they lost their main source of wealth. Many people, including white southern elite and women had pushed for slaves to not be granted suffrage, even creating terror groups in hopes to cease the movement. In 1877, due to Southern resistance, the reconstruction had come to an end, granting freedmen suffrage, advancement in healthcare and education, and creation of black codes, allowing the North to focus the growing industry of industrialization.
Reconstruction had been an era of dispute and terror throughout the United States. Due to the South 's unwillingness to grant slaves freedom after the Northern victory of the Civil War, an era was put in place to uplift the unfair treatment of the freedom of African Americans. One Southern elite stated that the only thing African Americans were truly free from was forced labor, emphasizing the Southern view that blacks were still viewed as inferior to whites. With blacks having finally been elected

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