Essay On Physical Education Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
Single Subject Design
Clapham, E. D., Sullivan, E. C., & Ciccomascolo, L. E. (2015). Effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices on physical activity. Physical Educator, 72(1), 102-116
Clapham, Sullivan,& Ciccomascolo (2015) wanted to examine the effects of a physical education supportive curriculum and technological devices, including a heart rate monitor and pedometer ,on students level and amount of physical activity. The research study followed a single subject ABABA design with 106 fourth and firth grade student measuring their participation during physical education. The curriculum and instruction of the class was designed to support the use of the technology and devices in order to enhance
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25 primary school teachers participated in semi-structured interviews that asked question on their view of science and drama integration. The finding from this study suggest that drama integration can have a lasting effect on the acquisition of scientific knowledge in the classroom. Additionally, research found that teacher reported for drama to be easy to integrate into the classroom and made the subject matter more enjoyable. However some limitations from this study, first the study was conducted in Turkey and there could be cultural difference therefore it might not be able to be generalized to the general population. Additionally the study only looked at 25 school teacher through interview this seems like it would be too small of a sample size and effect the power of the result that were found from this study. Future research in this area could include a larger sample size, looking into a variety of teachers all over the world to represent different cultures. Additionally, this study only looked at the teacher views, future research could explore student view alongside teacher

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