Essay On Livestock Cage Laws

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Livestock cage laws I am going to prove that the new livestock cage laws are wrong. Gestation crates and farrowing crate are helpful and should not be banded. I believe that no matter what people think there are many benefits by using these pens. I am planning to give the reasons to keep them, and then give the counter thought and why it is weak. New cage laws would harm livestock because when hogs are pregnant, they attack other hogs, mother can also crash their piglets and chickens are in free range barns they do not need to be outside. It helps to understand how these laws came about. P.E.T.A and other animal rightists have been trying to push new cage laws for swine and laying hens for years. They think that this will help the animals; they want to give them more space …show more content…
Farms have been fighting back and forth with animal rightists over this problem for way to long. They came up with probably the best idea to make both parties happy which is a free range barn. A free range barns mean that the chickens are free to move around the large barn as needed but are inside at all times and the barns are fully enclosed. P.E.T.A is now trying to push to have all laying hens and most meet chickens should be completely free ranged or at least have access to the outdoor. With the free raged barns that they have now gives the chickens plenty of room and they are still protected. If they go outside there are threats that can harm the whole entire flock, predators and diseases are the two main dangers facing the birds outside. A fox getting into a chicken coops does not just happen on television it happens in real live, except it is not just foxes it is also coyotes, weasels, mink and so on. This is just the list of predators; there are many diseases and bacteria that they can pick up off the ground around them. Chickens inside are healthier than free ranged birds and this makes them healthier for the consumers as

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