Essay On Importance Of Communication

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Importance of communication
Understand your own needs, the more you know about yourself, it will be better to adapt life changes according to your needs, if you catch yourself saying something negative such as ‘the situation won’t improve ’change it to the situation will improve’ .There are many ways to improve a situation and “Replace negative thoughts with positive ones”. Just seek help not only for yourself but also for your parents. Right now your needs are mostly to be with people who understands you. Talk to a trusted adult such as teacher , coach, minister, perhaps even the matter of a good friend, or social worker- it would be a good idea to confide in a professional person as they will help you get professional help, tell them how
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Don’t clam up while you talk, people only understand how you feel when you explain to them, express your thoughts as it will help alleviate the situation. If your parents are bringing you down, rather be with a trusted friend, so you can stay motivated and forget about stress. Avoid confrontation with them rather broach the subject when your parents are sober. Communicate with social workers, teachers, sport coach, trusted friend or a mother of a friend perhaps maybe even a close family member with good self-esteem and will be there to comfort you as they are more experienced. Trusted adults will be supported in many ways including solving your parent’s problems by sending them to rehabilitation and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and also finding solutions and help. They will help you organise your transport for you and your sister to go to school as it is not right to stay away from school. Education is very important for future. Start communicating, the earlier you begin communicating, the better the situation will become as everything will run smoothly. If you hide yourself away, it won’t solve any problems but creates continuous trouble. Encourage parents to seek help. Trusted adult may organise you and your sister to …show more content…
Your mood will improve after saying your thoughts. When explaining, don’t be afraid of of being judged as ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’ Now is the time when you will discover who your true friends are. You should understand that isolating yourself, escaping or denial wont solve any problems but will only worsen it. It slowly hurts deep inside your heart leading to depression and this pain may seem overwhelmed at the moment but as time goes by, with support, it can overcome the problem and relieve

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