Smartphones And Politics: The Impact Of Smart Phones

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The Impact of Smartphones

The advent of the smartphone has allowed people to easily access the Internet from anywhere at any time. When smartphones were originally developed and released on the mass market, this was their main appeal. However, a smartphone essentially acts as a mobile computer and allows for software to be developed for them. The ability for these devices to access the Internet, often using the applications developed for them, has had an impact on how communication occurs between people. Smartphones have not just enabled people to share information more efficiently and effectively; they have also changed how we communicate with each other. This change in communication is not limited to interpersonal communication between people.
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Eighty-eight percent of American voters own a cell phone, and of that percentage, twenty-seven percent have used their devices for political related activities. (NotePage, Inc) The ability for political candidates to use their smartphones to reach a widespread audience has changed the format of traditional campaigning. The use of campaigning tools like billboards, mailings, and posters have decreased due to the economic cost that are cut by using smartphone to spread the campaign message. By using the social media platforms, smartphone are able to reach a greater number of voters thus possibly gaining more political backing a candidate. Most political candidates have legislation duties in their particular states. When legislation is section, candidates still have a responsibility to inform and corresponds with voters. The increased accessibly and advancements of the smartphones make it possible for political platform to reach an increasing number of people and further service at the pleasure of the …show more content…
Businesses rely on making internal processes more efficient and effective in order to increase profits. Smartphones are one technology that has allowed businesses to do so. Examples of business practices that have been improved with the introduction of smartphones include eliminating inefficiency, inventory management, and automation. One example of an inefficient that smartphones have eliminated relates to physical documents. Companies are now using smartphones to scan and access paper documents using a networked based database. Inventory management has also improved with the introduction of the smartphone. Smartphones have the ability to read QR codes on items or boxes and compare these to a company database instantly. Finally, companies have been able to automate processes using smartphones. Smartphones have been used as cameras to monitor activity in production environments where previously, an employee had to do so

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